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The Mysterious Mr. Riley - Round Two!

By: Who Killed Missy Witt?

Where do I even begin...

First and foremost, if you have not followed this story from the beginning, we suggest that you CLICK HERE to read our other post regarding the Mysterious Mr. Riley. There is also other information on the Who Killed Missy Witt Facebook page that can be accessed HERE.

If you are hoping for us to publicly "out" the identity of Mr. Riley, we are going to disappoint you. It would be highly unethical for our team to give out that information. We are certain that Mr. Riley is following these stories on social media and waiting for the inevitable knock on his door from law enforcement. In our opinion, that, and the fact that this imbecile probably still lives in his moms basement, is almost punishment enough.

After our initial posts, we were able to track down Mr. Riley fairly easily. Riley, which is part of his true identity, left a fairly easy to follow digital trail. Mr. Riley also likes to talk a lot to anyone and everyone who will listen. Those two things combined made him easy to track down.

Upon being confronted, the following events took place:

1. Riley denied any wrong-doing and he claimed that he had indeed been at Central Mall, but he had arrived two hours prior to our set time.

2. He then changed his story and said he had gotten scared and hidden the evidence behind a dumpster. When we didn't find the evidence during our thorough search of EVERY dumpster located at Central Mall, he came back to the scene and retrieved it.

3. I am sure you are wondering.. just like we are... what evidence? Our team is not clear on that aspect and we realize that we may never be clear on what Mr. Riley is calling "evidence".

4. Mr. Riley took it upon himself to begin calling and texting some of our team members at 3am. After explaining to him that any further calls or texts would be grounds for us to press charges for harassment, he promptly went radio silent.

5. Mr. Riley then had someone with the screen name "Deliah Black" (fake profile) contact us. Deliah stated that Mr. Riley was working in conjunction with a woman named Annie Rush. Deliah also provided a screen shot of rather inappropriate photo that Mr. Riley had sent to her of himself. No one who viewed the "offending member" was impressed.

6. Deliah suddenly became angry with our team member for stating the obvious: The pornographic photo was inappropriate and should never have been sent to us in the first place. Deliah lashed out in a series of strange Facebook messages, including information as to what Mr. Riley's true "intentions" were from the start.

7. Of course, this leads to more questions: Who is Deliah? Why is she contacting us? Who is Annie Rush? Are these people real or are they more figments of Mr. Riley's imagination.

8. Mr. Riley blocks our Executive Producer on Facebook. Of course, she's relieved, but also very confused about his erratic behavior.

9. A man claiming to be "Issac" calls one of our team members from a blocked number and states that Mr. Riley is a martial arts expert and that we should listen closely to what he knows about the Witt case. He knows that Charles Vines killed Melissa and that someone witnessed the entire event take place and that they even took photos. (None of these things are even a remote possibility... and when this was pointed out to Mr.Riley, he threatened to karate chop our documentary crew).

At this point, it's become very clear to our team that Mr. Riley has some issues that none of us are equipped to assist him with. We have suggested that he find the appropriate resources to meet his needs.

To answer some of the dozens of questions that are flowing in each day below is a brief Q & A:

Q: Will law enforcement arrest Mr. Riley? A: That point is unclear - all information has been turned over to the proper authorities and we trust they will take the appropriate measures to deal with Mr. Riley.

Q: Do you believe Mr. Riley has information about the Witt case? A: No, we do not believe Mr. Riley has credible information about this case.

Q: Who owns the blue Chevy Truck? A: Mr. Riley owns (or owned) that truck.

Q: Who owned the Jeep? A: We are unable to disclose that information at this time.

Q: Is Mr. Riley working alone? A: No, he is not.

Q: Does Mr. Riley have a criminal record? A: Yes, an extensive one.

Q: Do you fear for the safety of your team? A: We do not. Many of the people we have interviewed for this project have violent backgrounds - serial killers, drug dealers, murderers, etc. Obviously we do not want to be conned or karate chopped, but Mr. Riley's criminal history resolves around being a con artist. Our only concern is that he stop wasting our time.

We will post one more Q & A tomorrow - so please feel free to send us your questions via Facebook Messenger or email us at

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