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Statement from Sensible Air after cancel culture hits Sequoyah County

We're all seeing it in the news every day. If someone says something or puts out a story that a pocket full of people don't like, they immediately try to cancel whomever is at the source of the information they don't want shared.

This afternoon, we learned that the mob mentality of cancel culture is forcing certain people to make calls to our sponsors to ask them why they "sponsor felons".

For those of you who don't know how advertising works, here it is.

People start a business. Those people need advertising. They go to a media source reaching 40,000 people per day on their website and they ask for advertising, or we'll ask them to place an ad with us. Once that happens, we place the ad in select stories and features because that's how it works. Before the stories are ever written, we make them a promise and it's not based on whether or not everyone agrees with stories from the future.

Leave it to the mob mentality to bombard the phones of our sponsors until our working relationship becomes a problem, however our sponsors do understand when it's just harassment and they don't cave to pressure.

Sensible Air, LLC., in Muldrow is our only Sequoyah County sponsor and they DO NOT SPONSOR FELONS. They sponsor ads on Today In Fort Smith, which are ads about Sequoyah County sometimes. That's how it works. In case you're unaware, Today In Fort Smith has no felons on its staff. Only in our content. We hate that we have to waste an article on the fundamentals of advertising but the immaturity never ceases with some and we'll always stand up for our sponsors.

Bye, Felicia!

This ad is sponsored by Sensible Air, LLC., in Muldrow. Call 427-1234 and stop playing games with this heat!

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