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Van Buren man with longtime association with drugs sees six years added to current prison stretch

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

A Van Buren man who has already serving a 10-year sentence for combined crimes out of Crawford and Sebastian counties saw additional time tacked on to his prison term in court proceedings Wednesday morning in Sebastian County Circuit Court..

Gregory Allen Everly, age 43, who is currently serving out his prior conviction terms in the Arkansas Department of Corrections, withdrew his original plea of not guilty and saw his charges reduced before being sentenced to an additional six years in the plea bargain session.

Everly was brought back from the Pine Bluff unit of the ADC to face one Possession of Meth with Purpose to Deliver charge, which is a "B" felony. That charge was dropped back to a Possession of Meth Class "D" felony at the request of the prosecution. Everly took the plea deal, and was sentenced to the six additional years as well as four years suspended on the Class "D" charge.

For his existing sentence in the ADC, Everley was doing concurrent terms for drug and paraphernalia convictions out of Crawford and Sebastian counties as well as a Failure to Appear from 2021. His latest conviction for Delivery of Meth or Cocaine in May of 2022 also triggered parole and probation revocations for the previous crimes dating back to 2017.

According to Arkansas Court Connecct, Everley has numerous felongy convictions and jail stays dating back to at least 2004.

Nothing in the court records from Wednesday indicate that the six years was to be served concurrent to his existing terms.

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