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The curious case of Matthew Fagan (and why his killers remain free)

Since we're in the business lately of saying and hash-tagging the names of murder victims, here's one to try on for size.

You can click the link above and read the scoop but we'll summarize the situation for you in short detail.

In 2016, a man from Florida was murdered by three friends at Tenkiller. His name was Matthew Fagan and you probably never heard about him because of several missed opportunities by an incompetent sheriff and an even more incompetent Assistant District Attorney.

We'll save the names for later.

Matthew Fagan went on a "hike" one day with "friends" to Lake Tenkiller. He was murdered, his body was moved multiple times and his remains have never been found.

The killers were arrested and jailed in Sequoyah County, but walked away as free men not long after.

When you think of a good district attorney, you think of tough characters on TV who get the job done and prosecute the toughest criminals. In Sequoyah County, the murderers of Matthew Fagan were being prosecuted by an ADA who previously charged a veteran with a felony for saying his ex-wife's name on Facebook, and let's not forget the failure to secure a conviction of the attempted murderers of Christian Mayberry.

No one has forgotten that circus.

The weirdest part to this whole story is that the veteran we mentioned above, the one prosecuted for saying his ex-wife's name on social media, was in the Sequoyah County jail at the time the killers of Matthew Fagan were jailed.

Not only were they jailed at the same time, they were also cellmates and the veteran received a full confession from the killers, complete with details, while in the facility, as were other inmates at the time.

Nothing was done.

The killers walked.

No justice for Matthew Fagan.

Part 2 of this series is in the works. We'll take a look at why three full confessions from the killers weren't enough to make it to trial, let alone secure a conviction.

And why was a veteran in jail for 30 days on a DUI he already paid for? Because of two years probation for saying his ex wife's name on Facebook. We'll take a look at all that, too.


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Debbie Hutcherson
Debbie Hutcherson
May 01, 2021

I so believe that the citizens of Oklahoma should be demanding justice for Matthew Fagan, his family lives each day without knowing where he is. The citizens better wise up that Don'r let this happen to you!!! Is a serious threat to yourself or a loved one. I could not rest one night-if this was my baby boy.

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