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Teenage First-Degree Murder suspect enters not guilty plea in Sebastian County Circuit Court

Sebastian County prosecutor Daniel Shue released a statement today concerning the arraignment of Kermuel Mark Anthony Stucki in the Murder in the First Degree case that left a Fort Smith convenience store clerk dead.

Fifteen-year-old Stucki is being charged with murder in the first degree, aggravated robbery, and committing a terroristic act. The first two charges are Class Y felonies while the terroristic act is considered a Class B felony.

Shue's statement said Stucki appeared in person without counsel and a public defender was named as his attorney. The public defender made a bail request after Stucki pled not guilty to the charges. Shue's office asked for bail to be set at $1,250,000 and that request was granted by judge Steven M. Tabor.

Tabor will also be the presiding judge in the trial that has been set for October 2, 2023.

Stucki was also arraigned today in Sebastian County circuit Court on one charge of aggravated robbery (Class Y Felony) in a separate case. He also entered a plea of not guilty to that charge and requested bond be set, Judge Tabor honor the original $1,250,000 bond in the second case as well.

Stucki is being charged as an adult in both cases. Police say Stucki robbed a convenience store in Fort Smith and shot and killed 26-year-old Chanel Moore. Stucki was charged with the aggravated assault and terroristic act because he shot at another customer in a car that pulled into the parking lot at about the time of the robbery.

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