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Tales of the US Marshals: George Wesley Adair - US Deputy Marshal

The afternoon of Saturday, September 10, 1921, Deputy U S Marshal and Boswell Constable George Wesley Adair, 50, was in Boswell in Choctaw Couty walking to have dinner with J C Watson when they met Jim Cutshaw in front of the hardware store.

Only a few words were spoken before Cutshaw pulled a gun from his front trousers pocket and fired at least one time before Adair drew his gun and fired. When the shooting was over Deputy Adair had been shot four times and Cutshaw was slightly wounded.

There had been hard feelings between the two men ever since Deputy Adair arrested Cutshaw after a moonshine raid on Cutshaw’s home. Cutshaw had served a term in jail following the raid. Deputy Adair died from his wounds the next morning, Sunday,

On September 11, 1921 Cutshaw was charged with murder but was later found guilty of the lesser crime of First Degree Manslaughter and received a prison sentence of four years.

Deputy Adair was survived by his wife Eva and their three children.

He was buried in the Restland Cemetery in Boswell.

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