• Dennis McCaslin

Six year imposed sentence delivered to Fort Smith habitual offender

A Fort Smith resident with previous arrests for methamphetamine and paraphernalia possession, theft by receving and various other charges related to absconding and parole violations was sentenced to six years with fourteen years suspended on the back side of a plea deal in Sebastian County Circuit Court last week.

He also added six years with four suspended on a B Felony, with all sentences to run concurrently.

Jose Mendoza, 28, was able to bundle his charges and plea out to a the two felonies after an April 5 arrest for Possessions of Drug Paraphernalia, two Felony Failure to Appears and Absconding which triggered a parole violation.

That arrest came in the heels of a 2019 state prison incarceration on many of the same charges, including Possession of Methamphetamine. He also was pinched in the 2019 arrest for parole violations and absconding for failure to report to his parole officer.

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