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Short police chase by Sebastian County Sheriff deputies ends in fatal crash for motorcyclist

A police chase involving deputies with the Sebastian County Sheriff's Office ended in a fatality when a motorcyclist ran from officers and crashed his motorcycle at the end of the short chase.

The driver of the motorcycle, who has not been identified, fled from police after what is thought to be a minor traffic infraction according to information on police scanners. According to the scanner talk, officers ran tags on the individual moments before the chase started.

The individual was on Cavanaugh road when the chase began and went south on on Syate Highway 271 towards Hackett. Near the intersection of 271 and Fianna Court the driver either lost control or crashed the motorcycle deliberately, according to eyewitnesses.

Eyewitnesses said the chase lasted less than two minutes before the fatal crash. The incient occured at about 6:20 p.m. Tuesday.

Once the Arkansas State Police posts the preliminary report on the accident we will have full details for you right here on Today in Fort Smith.

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