• Dennis McCaslin

Sex Offenders in Your Neighborhood: Eleven residing within mile radius of private Christian school

Eleven sex offenders registered with the state of Arkansas and the Fort Smith Police Department reside within a one-mile radius on the north side of Fort Smith in an area radiating from 3200 North Albert PIke. The center of the circle, picked at random, is the Union Christian Academy.

The area is bordered on the north by the intersection of North Albert Pike and Young Street while it stretchs south to North Albert Pike and MacArthur Drive. The east-west axis is North 35th Street along Kelley Highway and to North 50th Street back to the west.

The offenders, ranging in ages from 31-54, include three High Risk, six medium Rick, one Low Risk and two offenders currently out of compliance.

For more information on these sex offenders you can visit the FSPD Reegistry by clicking HERE .

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