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Seven years after 2014 sexual assault, plea deal leads to 18 year sentence for undocumented alien

A conviction last week on a plea deal will send a Mexican national, who is apparently undocumented in this country, to prison for 18 years after he was allowed to plea to a lesser charge for asexual assaut that occurred over seven years ago.

Eliseo Rodriguez Bruno, who was arrested and charged with Class Y Felony Rape on September 9th of last year, was allowed to plead to class B sexual assault in Sebastian County Crcuit Court on Thursday.

Rodriguez-Bruno, who is also being held on an Immigration and Custom Enforcement hold, received an 18-year sentence with two years suspended for the crime.

According to Arkansas Court connect the rape occurred on July 14th of 2014. His records show he was given bond sometime in 2015 and it appears he had no further contact with law enforcement.

His booking information indicates he was living in Austin, Texas for at least part of the time he was on the lam, and he also shows an address in the 1900 block of North 13th Street in court records until his arrest last year.

Rodriguez-Brouno will be required to register as a sex offender and pay all associated ees. In addition, he was ordered to have tno further contact with the victim, who was under the age of fourteen when the crime occurred in 2014..

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