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Anniversary of Sequoyah County murder haunts upcoming election

Sequoyah County voters face a decision later this month which will have an impact on whether or not progress continues to be made. Will things return to the ways of old or will the voters raise the appropriate questions when considering for whom to cast their votes on June 30th?

A lot remains to be seen, unfortunately, much like the outcome of a late-June 2016 murder in western Sequoyah County in which a father is still desperately searching for justice for his son.

So how did all this happen in the first place?

Readers can feel free to research the many news articles published on this case, but we'll take a look at why three murderers were let off the hook after giving three confessions and why there's a whole dirty gang of dirty characters behind different locations of the body.

If you're a logical thinker, you're probably wondering how a district attorney's office and a sheriff's department let three killers off the hook after three confessions were given to authorities and multiple inmates in the jail at the time the killers were held.

Would it help if we told you that one of the confessed killers is the son of a former police officer who "allegedly" set his home on fire with his family inside?

Of course it would!

Cop privilege? White privilege?

Why didn't everyone hear about that part?

Because Ron Lockhart was Sheriff at the time and not much got done on his watch, except the attempted mitigation of his own failures. Unless you count the time he "allegedly" had the sex offenders removed from public access because a family member may or may not have been on the sex offender registry in two states and may or may not be now on the run with an outstanding warrant for failure to comply with the requirements of Oklahoma's Child & Sex Offender Registry.

That's tough work!

Today In Fort Smith has verified that confessions were given to one particular inmate in the Sequoyah County Jail at that time, but that the information provided wasn't deemed worthy in helping solve the murder because the DA's office was still actively working to prosecute this inmate for a now-dismissed charge in which there was no victim or crime.

This particular inmate was in jail in June & July of 2016 for a DUI he had already reconciled in March of 2016 because it violated a two-year probation for calling his ex-wife a "cuss word" on Facebook in 2014.

How the hell is all that possible?

Because Matt Orendorff parades himself as the "family judge" when in all reality his first act after being promoted, after losing his election in 2014, was to terminate the parental rights in 2015 of a veteran whose ex-wife Orendorff previously represented in a divorce in 2012.

You can get all those details RIGHT HERE.

So now we have multiple confessions given by multiple killers. Check.

And we have multiple accounts from multiple inmates of those confessions. Check.

And one of those accounts was stifled because the DA's office was working to annihilate a veteran's relationship with his kids because they listened to the loudest liar first. Check.

Now we approach June 30th. Statewide primaries and special elections.

Special elections?

This one is special because Ron Lockhart touted himself in years past as a "cold case solver."

Never mind Lockhart's involvement in the "alleged" bungling and "alleged" cover-up of the Lori Murchison cold case murder, as documented here on Today in Fort Smith.

And never mind Lockhart's involvement in the "alleged" bungling of the Melissa Witt cold case murder, as documented on Today in Fort Smith.

....but never mind Lockhart's involvement in the "alleged" total maladministering of the Matthew Fagan cold case murder?


That doesn't sit well with the voters of Sequoyah County and it doesn't sit well with the father of Matthew Fagan.

Ron Lockhart never solved as many cold cases as he promised. In fact, the real number is embarrassing to anyone who tells other people that they're in charge of justice over any municipality.

Before June 30th, voters are faced with four questions.

  1. Why did three confessed killers walk away free?

  2. Why did a large group confess to moving Fagan's body?

  3. Why hasn't Ron Lockhart answered the first two questions?

  4. Why would anyone want a Sheriff like him again?

We'll be awaiting those answers here at Today in Fort Smith.

Mr. Lockhart, your former constituents are currently enjoying a county with less drug traffic and less home invasions. They're also waiting for the same answers we're waiting for.

It's doubtful that you'll take us up on this offer but you may send your answers to those questions to

Until next time....

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Jun 17, 2020

Thanks very informative...we also had the Judd boy in east lake hills. Has not been solved and went old on his watch.


Staff Report
Staff Report
Jun 16, 2020



Jun 16, 2020

Wasn’t he also the investigator of the Lori Murchison case? As well as good pals with a certain prosecutor known very well in this area AKA Ron Fields?

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