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Regional barter system looking for new members in the River Valley and eastern Oklahoma

The economy goes up and the economy goes down...but at the end of the day there are only three ways to do business.

All of us are familiar with two of those... cash or credit. But the third element of economic transactions is one that is old as time itself.


Barter, or trade, is a system of exchange in which participants in a transaction directly exchange good or services for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange such as money or credit.

Back in the "Little House on the Prairie" days, a doctor would exchange his services to a family for milk, butter, produce, eggs and maybe even an occasional chicken or two. Trappers would trade their skins for supplies they needed to ply their trade..

Much of North America, especially on the Eastern seacoast, came into the hands of European and English settlers through trade with native American tribes. Favorable or not to the tribes, one can say that those trades helped build North America into what it is today.

The problem with barter as an economic tool in our society in this day and age, is that it's so hard for one individual to find someone interested in a barter deal.

For example, let's say that a guy that owns a farm need to brake job. He's low on cash but has bushels of tomatoes he could use as a barter tool. If he's willing to trade his tomatoes for a paint job, he has to find a mechanic that may not need bushels of tomatoes.

Another man, who owns a restaurant, may want to barter for the tomatoes. So he's willing to issue gift certificates in the amount of the value of the tomatoes but gift certificates to a restaurant doesn't help the farmer get the brake job he needs.

Local Trade Partners bridges that gap between two people looking to barter their goods and services. As a member of the Local Trade Partner platform, you are a part of a system of hundreds of businesses in the Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley that are actively looking for trade deals.

The platform eliminates the middleman in bartering. Because each time you make a trade for your goods and services you're given trade dollars work just like regular currency for anything offered by any other member in the program. Credits in the system spends just like cash with any other member of Local Trade Partners.

Trade dollars work just like currency for anything offered by another LTP member. They work just like cash dollar for dollar and you can purchase anything from any other member with the trade dollars you have amassed.

Essentially, you're shopping inside a cashless community. Small businesses thrive in the system because you can purchase business services like graphic designs, website development, printing, advertising, accounting, and other goods and services.

You can also purchase clothing, car repairs, groceries, personal and medical services, dental work, and so much more. LTP members can use their trade dollars at a wide array of restaurants and entertainment venues in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley.

So instead of trading your tomatoes for a break job, you can trade your tomatoes to someone who really needs them and the value of that transaction is put into your LTP Bank.

The only cash involved in your transaction is a small administration fee. And of course you have to pay your state tax on any transaction.

Local trade partner is actively seeking new members in the River Valley. If you and your business think you can benefit from the wonderful world of barter, there is an opportunity coming up on August 30 which you can attend, learn about the system, and eat a free meal courtesy of JC's BBQ in Van Buren.

To reserve a spot in the informational meeting on August 30, you can call 479-461-0126. We can discuss the details with you at that time and answer any questions you might have.

There are a limited number of spots in this meeting and if you are interested and think that your business has goods or services that will work within the system, you are welcome to call and reserve the number of spots you need to hear about this unique opportunity.

Become part of a cashless society. Become a Local Trade Partner Member.

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