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Plea deal for January, 2022 drug arrest sends Paris woman to prison with 72-month sentence

A 50-year-old Paris woman, who was on the hook for seven felony drug counts in Logan County Circuit Court, was allowed to plea down to one count and was sentenced to 72 months in prison last week.

According to information from Arkansas Court Connect, Tyra Jones Thompson of Paris received the imposed sentence of six years and was also given an additional 120 month suspended sentence in her case.

Thompson pled guilty to one count of possession of fentanyl with purpose to liver for a drug arrest that occurred on January 28th, 2022.

Thompson was initially booked on seven felony counts from that arrest. including two possession of drug paraphernalia, possession with purpose to deliver of controlled substances, possession with purpose delivery meth, cocain, or heroin, maintaining a premises for drug activity, simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms as well as the possession of fentanyl count.

The arrest came about after Logan County deputies executied a probable cause warrant at a reesidence on Tanyard Mountain Road northwtest of Paris. The deputies found fentany pills, less than wo grams of a crystal substanbce and 316 grams oif marijuana. Paraphernalia, drug packaging materials and several firearms were also located at that time.

Thomposon, the homeowner, was arrested after the search.

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