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Plainview scum sentenced in 2018 blunt force murder of two-year-old

A Plainview male resident was sentenced to 25-years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections this week after the entered a no contest plea to a charge of Class Y Felony Murder in the First Degree in the Novemver , 2018 death of two-year-old Remington Rainey.

Chase Duane Mullins was sentenced in Yell County and had remained in custody on a $1 million bond since his arrest in 2018.

Mullins was the boyfriend of Emily Markham, the victim’s mother, at the time oif the homicide.

Markham phoned authorities on November 29, 2018 to report she had discovered the child not breathing when she returned home from work.

Mullins was the only adult at the residence when the child was discoveredM arkhanm was at work at the time.

The child was transported to Chambers Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival. two-year-olds body was submitted to the Arkansas State Medical Examiner and an autopsy indicate that the child died from homicide due to a blunt force trauma to the head.

In late January, 2019, Markham, 21 of Rover, was also arrested in connection with the death of the child and formally charged with Permitting the Abuse of a Child resulting in serious physical injury or death, a Class B felony.   

In return for the plea, Mullins was sentenced to 25 years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections with 605 days of jail time credit and $760 in fees and court cost.

Emily Markham is scheduled to appear in Yell County Circuit Court during a pre-trial hearing on the charge of Permitting the Abuse of a Child, a Class B Felony, on August 6, 2020 with the rials set for August 20.

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