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"Not guilty" plea in Identity and Medicaid fraud case for "former" Benton County clinic owner

Updated: Apr 14

In our continuing coverage of 32-year-old Medicaid and Identity Fraud suspect, Anthony Christopher (Rocko), Pulaski County officials have released the following information to Today in Fort Smith:

“On March 19, 2020, Anthony Christopher (Rocko) plead ‘not guilty” at his video arraignment hearing to three counts of Financial or Non-Financial Identity Fraud, Class D Felonies, and one count of Medicaid Fraud, a class A felony.”

Court records indicate that Christopher-Rocko is scheduled for a "court review hearing" in the case on June 3.

According to Pulaski County officials, Christopher-Rocko’s pleadings have not been filed on the Court Connect public docket report due to personnel issues involving the COVID-19 virus.

Seven days after his video arraignment, Christopher-Rocko was hit with more bad news when Judge Xollie Duncan in Benton County signed an Agreed Order that he was to have no contact with his husband, Kenneth Medlin’s, minor children.

Court records show that Christopher-Rocko had sent harassing text messages to one of Medlin’s minor children.

Christopher-Rocko’s husband has not been available for comment, but as of 4/17/20, his Facebook account has been reactivated.

Medlin’s Facebook account still has photos of Christopher-Rocko and Medlin together as a couple.

It appears that Medlin is truly “standing by his man” when it comes to Anthony Christopher Rocko.

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