• Dennis McCaslin

New conviction for breaking and entering sends repeat offender to prison for four years

The Sebastian County Prosecutior's Office worked a plea deal for a four- year sentence with a Fort Smith man who was aleady in jail in Logan County on a waiting list for transfer to the Arkansas Department of Corrections for a December conviction.

Dai Quic Nguyen, 49, who has a series of felony convictions stretching back for over two decades, received the four years plus another 11 years suspended on another breaking and entering but saw charges of fleeing droppped as part of the plea deal on Wednesday.

Nquyen started out his Sebastian Coujty criminal career in 1999 when he was sentenced to four year concurrent terms for Breaking and Entering and Aggravated Assault.

In the intervening years, Mguyen has picked u arrestn and convictions for other theft of property, hoit check, fleeing, bith felony and misdemeanor failure to appear, and failure to pay fines and he has been the subject of at least one protection order filed by a relative.

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