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Law enforcement shoots and kill break-in suspect in Atkins Wednesday night

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

A suspect believed to be involved in an attempted residential break-in last night in Atkins has died after being shot by law enforcement officers as the suspect advanced toward them with a piece of metal pipe.

The name of the suspect has not yet been confirmed, as the investigation of the shooting and determination of the suspect's identity continues by special agents of the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division.

Atkins police officers were called to the vicinity of the West Main Street area of about 9:40 PM where an attempted residential break-in had occurred. Two Atkins police officers and two Pope County sheriff’s deputies later encountered the suspect outside a second residence at 3500 West Main Street.

According to initial reports, the suspect began approaching the law enforcement officer armed with a piece of metal pipe. Commands were given to the suspect to drop the pipe, but ignored, according to preliminary statements provided to state police. As the suspect continued to advance toward the four officers, each fired their weapons leading to the suspect dying at the scene.

The body of the suspect has been transported to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory where the cause and manner of death will be determined, and the identity confirmed.

The state police investigation will be submitted to the Pope County prosecuting attorney to use in a determination whether the use of deadly force by the deputies and police officers was consistent with Arkansas laws.

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