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Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to a five-ring primate extravaganza!

As a follow-up to a story to the ongoing saga of Medicaid fraud suspect Anthony Christopher, we thought it appropriate to highlight some of the members of Christopher’s circus.

These “monkeys” are supporting the man who has been accused of defrauding the Arkansas Medicaid program of at least $38,012 for services that were not provided or that were medically unnecessary from Aug. 1, 2017, to Feb. 7, 2019.

Monkey #1: Wanda Maria Eash: Anthony Christopher’s mother.

Eash is the “registered agent” with the Arkansas Secretary of State and is listed as the Incorporator/Organizer of Legacy Preparatory School at 2003 SW Regional Airport Blvd, Suite 9 in Bentonville. Eash is also listed as the “registered agent” with the Arkansas Secretary of State and for Eureka Springs Live, a nightclub is "owned" by Christoper that host drag shows.

To read our story about Wanda Maria Eash, click here:

Monkey #2: Linnea Heintz:

Anthony Christopher’s roommate. According to Heintz’s Facebok page, she is employed at Emerge Therapy Services (formally Absolute Pediatric Therapy)

Heintz is also shown in photos on the Legacy Preparatory School Facebook page and shown singing karaoke in a video on the Instagram page for Eureka Live.

What you find even more interesting is the fact that according to Wisconsin court records, Heintz is a convicted felon. That’s right. A convicted felon working for Emerge Pediatric Therapy and seen in photos at Legacy Preparatory School.

Heintz plead guilty in Ruskin County, Wisconsin to Theft in a Business Setting, a Class C Felony. According to court records Heintz is to have no contact with her victims: Tony Depot, Carol and Kay Heath, Erin Webster and Carlton Spooner.

To read more about the conviction of Linnea Heintz, click here:

Monkey #3: Rachel Allen Cobb: As you may recall, in December we ran a story about Rachel Allen Cobb and her deceased father, Jon H. Allen.

Cobb’s father was arrested for the arson of their family homestead.

That story can be found here:

Interestingly enough, a source from Orange County California read our story and came forward to report that there was a cloud of suspicion that covered the Allen family in their state. The source reported rumors of a church fire, an illegitimate child, and corruption as allegations made about Allen.

“I don’t want to say too much,” says the source, “but it is a well-known fact that Jon Allen threatened his first wife Enola Nelson.”

Another source from Fayetteville, Arkansas came forward and pointed us to University Baptist Church. “Ask the previous Pastor and the Elders about Jon Allen. They have quite a story to tell about that man,” explained the source. “And the story isn’t a good one.”

According to FOIA records, Rachel Allen Cobb, her mother Diane Saucier Allen and her father, Jon Hughes Allen were questioned by authorities after a complaint was filed against them and Alpha Christian Preschool regarding a young child being locked in a dark room as a means of punishing bad behavior.

At the time, Jon Allen was the Pastor of Lake Hills Church. Lake Hills Church owned Alpha Christian Preschool and employed Allen’s daughter, Rachel Allen Cobb was the Preschool Director.

Under Cobb’s tenure, a child was allegedly locked in a dark room on their church/preschool campus. News footage obtained from a local news source reveals Cobb being interviewed and smugly denying the incident at the preschool.

According to Facebook posts, Eash, Cobb and Christopher are a close-knit group. It’s almost unnerving to know that Eash is associating with a woman (Cobb) who was accused of locking a child in a dark room at a preschool. Remember, Eash, is the owner of a local preschool: Legacy Preparatory School.

Rachel Cobb and her husband Tony, currently reside in Miami, Florida where they are employed at Christ Fellowship Church. Calls and emails to Christ fellowship church regarding the allegations against Cobb have gone unanswered.

Monkey #4: Ken Ferguson:

Founder of New Beginning Youth Homes (formally New Beginning Children’s Homes) and Christopher’s former employer. Recently, Ken Ferguson claimed in an interview that he was not “aware” that Christopher had a business connection to Absolute Pediatric Therapy while he was employed at New Beginning Children’s Homes. That article and statement can be found here:

Ferguson’s statement is contradicted by investigative work done by Today in Fort Smith. According to 5 therapists and 8 previous New Beginning staff members and “house parents”, Ferguson was well aware that Christopher owned and operated Absolute Pediatric Therapy.

In fact, according to one source, “Ferguson knew Anthony Christopher owned Absolute Pediatric Therapy. I sat in meetings with the two of them when they discussed the two businesses at length.”

In a strange twist, Christopher’s mother, Wanda Eash, was also employed by both New Beginning Children’s Homes and Absolute Pediatric Therapy.

In a September, 2017 Facebook post, New Beginning Children’s Homes recommended Absolute Pediatric Therapy and their services:

In addition to Wanda Eash being simultaneously employed at Absolute Pediatric Therapy and New Beginnigs, so was convicted felon, Linnea Heintz.

If you haven’t already, allow us to point out a pattern: Eash and Heintz seem to follow Anthony Christopher everywhere he goes.

But wait! It gets stranger. Anthony Christopher’s brother, Joe Rocko, was also employed at New Beginning Children’s Homes. It was a real family affair!

Now, do you still believe Ken Ferguson’s claims that he did not know about the business connection between Christopher, Absolute Pediatric Therapy and New Beginning Children’s Homes?

You don’t?

Us either.

But, as the saying goes… “not our circus, not our monkeys!”

It looks like all of these monkeys belong to the Anthony Christopher circus.

More to come in the Tony Bologna Medicaid Fraud Phony saga!

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