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Incident at Steel Horse Rally Friday injures Alma woman and two local police officers

An unidentified woman and two police officers were injured Friday night accident in the 800 block of Garrison Avenue during the first night of the Steel Horse Rally.

-According to the Frt Smith police department an unidentified 65-year-old motorcycle rider with limited riding experience from Alma left a parking spot on the avenue. She accelerated from her parking spot and lost control of the motorcycle. driving over a traffic delineator.

She then collided with a police vehicle, an off-road Kabota, and two officers.

All three were transported to a local hospital, where they were treated and released.

The motorcycle rider was treated for a leg injury and minor scrapes and bruising. One officer sustained a minor leg injury, and one officer sustained minor scrapes and bruising.

The name of the driver and the two injured officers have not been released.

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