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Howard Elementary has been named a Professional Learning Communities at Work Project school

Howard Elementary School has been named a Professional Learning Communities at Work®Project school

Howard is included in the project's fifth cohort.

“Through the years, our hardworking team of educators have tried numerous programs, ideas and techniques to help our students to become successful thinkers. We knew that we needed help focusing our efforts on those practices that would give us the greatest results, so we applied to become a PLC Cohort. As a member of PLC Cohort Five, our staff will receive training,coaching and support to build and sustain this strong culture of collaboration among our

students, staff and school community,” said Velmar Greene, principal, Howard Elementary School.

Howard Elementary, along with twelve schools and two districts, join 39 other Arkansas schools and five districts chosen through an application and evaluation process to participate in the


“The PLC model has proven to be a successful best practice implemented in many schools around the state,” Gov. Asa Hutchinson said. “Schools that have embraced the PLC partnership, teacher coordination, and student-focused learning have seen improved learning and a culture that breeds success. I am excited that additional schools and districts now have the opportunity to learn about the benefits associated with this highly-successful program.”

“Since the first cohort was announced four years ago, we have seen tremendous growth in teacher collaboration, school culture, and student learning,” ADE Secretary Johnny Key said. “This new cohort has joined the others by making an important commitment to rebuilding internal systems, leveraging best practices, and creating a strong culture of learning. I congratulate them on their dedication to student learning and embracing the hard - but rewarding - work involved with this initiative.”

Howard will receive up to 50 days of training, coaching, and support to build and sustain astrong culture of collaboration that will enhance student learning.

The school will create action plans that focus on increasing student achievement through aligned curriculum, formative assessments, and proven instructional strategies. During the second year, the school will

deepen its understanding and focus on implementing multi-tiered systems of support, followed by strengthening their systems and sustaining the process in year three.

Both Ballman Elementary School and Spradling Elementary School participated in the first cohort and were named Professional Learning Communities Model Schools for excellence in carrying out the PLC at Work program of using teacher collaboration.

Darby Junior High participated in the 3rd Professional Learning Communities at Work®Project cohort. Northside High School participated in the 4th Professional Learning Communities at Work®Project cohort and was named a Model PLC school.

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