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Habitual offender, drug dealer headed to prison for fourth trip with "serious time" since 2008

A 45-year--old Alma man with at least fourteen felony arrests since 2006 entered a plea deal on a myriad of felony charges in Sebastian County Circuit Court on Thursday, garnering a fifteen-year prison sentence on two drug charges and four petitions to revoke.

Dwayne Whitney, who has been detained in the Sebastian County Adult Detention Center since his latest arrest on May 12, was sentenced Thursday as a habitual offender on two counts of Delivery of Methamphetamine, resulting in the four Petitions to Revoke being dropped in the process. In addition to the fifteen years imposed, Whitney was also hit with 30 years of suspended sentences total.

Dating back to 2006, Whitney has drawn literal decades of imposed sentences, only to be released within a few years to re-violate and start the cycle all over again. IN the eighteen years of records currently listed on Arkansas Court Connect, Whitney has drawn imposed sentences totaling 864 months with an additional twenty-plus years of suspended or probation status.

The variety of crimes included Possession of Controlled Substances with Intent to Deliver, Delivery of Meth or Cocaine. Criminal Conspiracy, Aggravated Assault, Domestic Battery, Breaking or Entering, and Forgery. Throw in Contempt of Court and Parole Violations and Whitney has been in and out the revolving door on incarceration over a dozen times.

His first three listed arrests in 2006-7 for Aggravated Assault, Breaking or Entering and Possession of a Controlled Substance all resulted in SIS or Probation. For all his trips to the ADC with 120 month sentences in the past he has averaged about 3.7 years incarceration before being released back into the populace.

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