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Funding of $12.8 million sewer project to help meet requirements of FS Consent Decree

On July 19, 2022, the Board of Directors approved Resolution R-109-22, approving McKee Utility Contractors, Inc.'s bid in the amount of $12,824,091.00.

The funding for this project was made available through the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act Funds.

The Basin 10 & 14 Capacity Improvements, Schedule 1 project, provides the needed increase in capacity under the requirements of the Consent Decree. The capacity increase is part of ongoing construction projects to alleviate sanitary sewer overflow problems.

Schedule 1 will connect the recently completed Sub-Basin P002 and P003 interceptor to the previously completed Basin 7 Capacity Improvement. Eventually, Schedule 2 will then continue southward toward Rogers Avenue.

Once completed, this project will eliminate 22 SSOs (sanitary sewer overflows) on the north side of the city.

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