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FSPD assists Bentonville police in serving warrant on fake check suspect

Press Release - Fort Smith Police Department -

Over the last two weeks, detectives from the Fort Smith Police Department Criminal Investigations Division (CID) have been working with Bentonville Police Department CID on mutual cases involving Luke Francis (aka Luke Ashlocke).

Earlier this week, BPD was able to procure warrants for Francis and two other individuals. Those warrants were served on April 15, 2020.

On April 16, FSPD was contacted by a Bentonville Detective informing us that during his interview with two of the subjects, statements were given indicating Francis was producing forged checks at his residence located on the 1500 block of S. 16th St. in Fort Smith. BPD was able to secure a search warrant.

When Francis was incarcerated in Benton County, his phone calls were blocked. However, he was quarantined after making comments he had recently traveled to California and New York. 

While incarcerated, he tried getting other prisoners to call people for him, so FSPD was asked to assist with securing the residence until BPD Detectives could be here to serve the additional warrant.

On the morning of April 17, the warrant was served and a search of Mr. Francis' residence began. During the search, evidence linking Francis to BPD's cases as well as evidence of other criminal activity was located.

This evidence included the production of forged checks, encoding blank cards with numerous victims' banking information, and possession of several items believed to be stolen. In addition to property cases, Narcotics located some paraphernalia, suspected methamphetamine, and a firearm.

There will be several warrants forthcoming on this individual from the evidence located and also several cases cleared as a result of the search. We greatly appreciate the hard work of BPD and our own Officers and Detectives in removing this threat from our streets.

Also, to residents in the area, thank you for your patience with FSPD's increased presence over the last few days.

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