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Forty-seven-year-old gets concurrent years added to drug sentence out of Crawford County

A 47-year-old Fort Smith man, who has already been designated for a 15-year sentence on drug related charges out of Crawford county, saw additional five years of concurrent time added on to that prison term last Wednesday in Sebastian County Circuit Court.

Raymond Van Olsen, who's the last listed address with the court was on Park Avenue in Fort smith, was handed a 5-year sentence on felony forgery charges in Sebastian County during Wednesday's court session. Holston had to be brought over from Crawford County, where he is on the Arkansas Department of Corrections waiting list after convictions on a number of drug related charges.

According to booking information with the Arkansas Department of Corrections Holson has been sentenced to prison for a total of 540 months, but the sentences for all those crimes were set to run concurrently. His longest sentence out of Crawford County was set at 15 years, meaning the five years he received this week for forgery in Sebastian County is largley symbolic.

Olson is back doing time after violating his probation for crime stretching all the way back to 2017. He was sentenced as a habitual offender during the court session on Wednesday. Holston was sentenced by Crawford County on February 28 on seven different charges including delivery of meth or cocaine, possession with purpose of delivery meth or cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and at at least two failure to appears which triggered his probation revocation.

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