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Fort Smith Police Department uses abatement process to shutdown drug house

On Monday, August, 24, Fort Smith Police successfully began the abatement process on a property at 5804 Enid that was being utilized as drug premsies.

.Residents logged their first complaints on this property in 2018. Since that time, the FSPD has made several arrests for drug-related activities, including 20 from the first of this year.

The abatement means the property owner and anyone living there must immediately vacate the premises. Additionally, extra patrols will be issued for the property. With notices now posted, anyone who is caught on the property can and will be charged with criminal trespass.

A press release from the FSPD says "we believe this civil action will be transformative for the many law-abiding citizens living in the area. It is not an easy-to-come-by solution, but one that has taken the hard work of both citizens and a number of Patrol Officers and Detectives to arrive at this point. It is an example of how a community can work together with its police department to improve our city, and we cannot thank them enough for their efforts."

For more information on the abatement process in the City of Fort Smith, visit this link:

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