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Fort Smith felon's foul fortune finds freedom fleeting after Circuit Court finding

A Fort Smith bad apple keeps falling from the tree, and for the fifth time since 2015 that bad behavior has earned him a stint as a extended-stay guest of the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

Twenty-six year-old Donya Hannah, who got started in his criminal enterprises that sent him away at the age of nineteen, pled away in a plea deal on Thursday just one day after the Circuit Court received the case. He garnered a six year imposed sentence on both Breaking and Entering and Domestic Battery Class D felonies as well as a one year addition for violating a no-contact order, with all sentences set to run concurrently.

Bundled in there somewhere was a four year add-on as a habitual offender.

Justice, as it is, was swift in this case. In 2018 Hannah was convicted on a drug possession and paraphernalia charge that resulted in a 24-month trip down the river. He swam back up stream by September of 20129 and his June 15 arrest on the Domestic battery charge was his fifth interaction with the courts since that time.

There here were numerous arrests for various charges, including a parole violation that sent him back to prison ion October of 2019. The lexicon of law breaking includes his second and third convictions for domestic battery, residential burglary, contempt and a bucket full of parole revocations that seemingly never stuck.

From 2015 up until his latest antics, where were some more residential burglaries, an arrest for possessing a firearm as a felon, tampering with physical evidence and pother odds and ends.

From 2015 through last Thursday, Hannah has been sentenced to 17 years of concurrent sentences along with 27 years of suspended sentences. During that time he has never spent m0re than two years in prison on any conviction according to information from the ADC,

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