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Fort Smith couple reports "blackmail" after reaching out for sexual partner on teen dating site Befriend

A Fort Smith couple looking to put a little "sizzle" into their relationship may have gotten a little bit too close to the flames according to report filed with the Fort Smith Police Department. 

An officer with the FSPD responded to a call on North 29th Street in Fort Smith in reference to a harassment report. A Fort Smith couple stated that they were being blackmailed by an individual who was stating that she was a 13-year-old girl. 

The couple had been "looking for another partner" on the dating app Befriend and after contacting a potential female partner, the male half of the couple sent a nude photo through his cell phone. 

Upon receiving the photo the potential female partner stated that she was in fact a "13 year old girl" and wanted $300 sent to her or she would go to the police. The couple then contacted the police department in a preemptive strike against any claims the female might make. 

The couple said they were in fear and wanted to make a report so the attempted extortion would be on record.

Befriend is a mobile app available through Google Play and other platforms. It is one of three apps maintained and developed by SWIPR Inc. According to online records, SWIPR Inc is a London, England based company:

The narrative below has been redacted for obvious reasons.

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