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Fort Smith career criminal sentenced to 25-years for April arrest for delivery of methamphetamine

A 42-year-old Fort Smith man who has numerous arrests and interactions with anumber of law enfocement agencies in the past 22 years will be heading to the Arkansas Department of Corrections with a 25-year sentence after a conviction on a drug plea deal Thursday in Sebastian Cpunty Circuit Court.

Landis Logan Hester, who was arrested June 28 on a total of five felony charges as well as absconding and a parole violation, was facing three counts of Delivery of Methamphetamine or Cocaine in the proceesings. As part of the plea agreement. the court reduced some of the "Y" felonies to "B" felonies in order to avoid more jail time.

Hester was sentenced to 25-years imposed and 15-years suspended "total time" on all charges and had the petition to revoke withdrawn as part of the plea agreement.

He also still has an open trial in Franklin Cpunty on similar druig charges.

Hester remains jailed awaiting transfer to the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

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