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Formal charges filed against Pope County granny who sought hit on son and his girlfriend

Mildred Rose

(Editors note: This update is brought to you by the hysteric relative of this suspect who was threatening to sue us earlier this week because we reported "fake news" about his grandma. Because. You know. We do that all the time. For the fun of it.)

A 72-year-old Russellville woman was formally charged this past week in a plot to have her son and his girlfriend killed because "he had accused her of burning her own house down" earlier in the year.

Mildred Rose of Russellville, who we first reported on back in early June after a one week delay as a courtesy to investigators in Franklin County, remains behind bars on a $250,000 bond after formal charges were posted against her this week.

Rose is being held at the Franklin County Detention Center facing the charges of two counts Class Y Felony Criminal Solicitation to Commit Capital Murder, Filing a False Report with a Law Enforcement Agency and Obstructing a Governmental Operation.

According to court documents, the intial investigation stemmed from a police report filed with the Ozark Police Department in which she had claimed someone stole $45,000 out of her vehicle while she was parked at a Love's Travel Plaza. In reality, the two men she solicited to find someone to commit the murders of her son and his girlfriend took the money then failed to follow through on the hit.

During the investigation, Rose admitted there was discussion of a plot to commit the murders and she had given the money over willingly to the men who were supposed to contract with a third party for the murders which were to take place at Plainview in Pope County.

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