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Firefighters pull woman from Arkansas River after leap from bridge in Dardanelle

Officials on the eastern edge of our coverage area are investigating an incident from Saturday in which an unidentified woman jumped into the Arkansas River from a bridge in Dardanelle and was rescued by a pair of Dardanelle firefighters and another man after fifteen minutes in the water.

The incident occurred just before just before 11 a.m. Saturday morning when police were dispatched to the bridge for a stalled vehicle on the Pope County side of the county line. Yell County County officials were attempting to contact Pope County when someone reported a woman had jumped from the bridge.

Boats were launched downstream, including a private watercraft belonging to a Dardanelle firefighter, and attempts were made to locate the woman. She was pulled out of the water a considerable way down stream from the bridge and taken by EMS Dardanelle Regional Medical Center for treatment after approximately fifteen minutes.

The woman has not been identified by officials at this time.

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