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Fifty-eight-year-old dead after car collides with bicycle at intersection in Fort Smith on Wednesday

Law enforcement officials say a 58-year-old Fort Smith man was killed in an accident on Wednesday at the intersection of Jenny Lind and Cavanaugh Road in south Fort Smith. According to a preliminary report filed with the Arkansas State Police and the Arkansas Department of Safety, Van Stafford of Fort Smith was riding a bicycle near the intersection at approximately 12:30 p.m. Wednesday. Police said a northbound 2012 Buick had come to a stop at a red light and waited several seconds before proceeding to turn right on red. The Buick then collided with the bicycle and Stafford was thrown from the bike. He was transported to Mercy hospital in Fort Smith where he later died from his injuries.

The police report did not name the driver of the Buick.

Fort Smith police officer C. Cagle worked the accident and listed clear weather conditions and a dry roadway at the time of the impact. Stafford's death represents the 425th of the year in a total of 388 fatality accidents.

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