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Female motorcyclist dies after running into back of car on East Wagon Wheel Road Saturday

According to information supplied by the Springdale Police Pepartment and the Arkansas Department of Safety a 53-year-old woman died Saturday in a wreck involving a motorcycle and a Toyota Tundra on East Wagon Wheel Road in Springdale. According to a preliminary report posted by the ASP on Sunday morning, at just before 5:30 p.m. on Saturday a 2016 HD motorcycle was eastbound on East Wagon Wheel road in the outside travel lane. Another vehicle pulling a sailboat was disabled in the outside Lane and blocking traffic. Another vehicle had pulled behind the sailboat and parked with hazard light on.

Witnesses to the accident stated as the motorcycle approach the vehicles that had slowed in the inside lane to give the motorcycle room to enter the other lane, the motorcycle switched to the outside lane and struck the rear of the Tundra, which was parked with no driver. The motorcycle driver, 63-year-old Jennifer A. Mosher of Springdale, was thrown from the bike and severely injured. She was transported to Washington Regional Medical Center where she later succumbed to her injuries. The officer that worked the accident noted clear weather conditions and dry roadways at the time of the crash.

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