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Felony merry-go-round continues for Fort Smith career criminal

Larry Batt

An arrest Thursday of a Fort Smith man for various drug related crimes, absconding, felony failure to appear. and tampering with evidence triggered a parole revocation that should send him back to prison for previous crimes.

With "should" being the operative word.

Larry Dale Batt remains in the Sebastian County Detention Center on a no bond hold as well as $16,350 in cash and legally sufficient bonds after the arrest by the Fort Smith Police Department.

Batt, who been the subject of a felony warrant and was wanted for failure to meet with his parole office, was booked into the SCDC at 5:25 on Thursday. He was charged with Maintaining a Premises for Drug Activity, four separate counts of Possession of Controlled Substances (including Pack or Repack and Intent to Deliver) and one count of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

That arrest triggered the Felony Petition to Revoke for violations of his parole condtions beyond his failure to meet with his parole officer.

Batt is a career criminals who caught a 72-months sentence for Felony Fleeing in January of 2018 as well as 72 months suspended on two counts of Aggravated Assault. After servicing a whole lot less than 72-months , he was arrested earlier this year for Possession of Cocaine or Meth and two counts of Possession of Paraphernalia, but that case is marked "inactive' with Arkansas Court Connect.

(Given a six year sentence on the 2018 charges, he served less than 29-months before offendng again in August of last year. Those charges are the ones currently marked "inactive").

But that's just the start of Batt's criminal history in Sebastian County. In 2017, he and a co-defendant were charged with various drug related crimes that also resulted in a revocation of parole. His five convictions earned him 512 months of sentencing with all but 180 months suspended. Facing fifteen year in prison, he was back on the streets in time to get arrested again.

Dating back to 2006, Batt has amassed a multitude of felonies for crimes including Breaking or Entering, Fraudulent Use of a Debit or Credit Card, Forgery, Felony Manufacturing or Delivering, Felony Paraphernalia Possession. Possession of Counterfeit Drugs, as well as his current charges.

He has amassed decades of imposed sentences and multiple decades of suspended sentences as well as well as at least a half-dozen parole revocations in the past fourteen years.

He'll probably be back out of prison by next summer. If not sooner.

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