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Failing to register earns Russellville sex offender two years in prison

A Russellville man who was first arrested back in August of 2018 and later convicted of Sexual Assault and sent to prison was sentenced Tuesday to 24 months in the Arkansas Department of Corrections for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender.

Twenty-two year-old Sebastian Cole White was arrested in December of last year for failing to maintain the requirements placed upon by the court as a registered sex offender and he negotiated a guilty plea on the charge Tuesday in Fifth Circuit Court, Division 1 in Russellville.

In addition to the imposed 24-month sentence, White also drew a suspended sentenced on an additional 36-month stretch.

At the time of his arrest in December his registered address w

as in the 1500 block of East 13th in Russellville. A cursory search of both Pope County and Arkansas sex offenders failed to produce amore recent address for White.

White's original arrest was predicated when a female victim contact police about a potential rape. The victim reported she was sleep and when she woke up White was in bed with her, fondling her right breast and thrusting his pelvis into her buttocks. White left on foot and later told officers he "passed out on his buddies couch" and when he work up he was in his "friends mom's bed".

White remans in the Pop County Detention Center awaiting transfer to the ADC.

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