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Facebook post for "family friendly drag queen shows" taken down after news story

As of 5 p.m. on Thursday, the post regarding "family friendly drag queen shows" at a Eureka Spring venue owned by Medicaid fraud suspect Anthony Christopher had been taken down from Facebook.

"Ginger Styles"

The post, which was originally posted on the Facebook account of "Ginger Styles", the apparent director of entertainment for Eureka Live in Eureka Springs, was removed the day after we first reported on the link between the club and an elite Bentonville day care Facility.

Wanda Eash, the mother of Anthony Christopher, is the official registered agent for Eureka Live and the Legacy Preparatory School in Bentonvile, according to information obtained from the office of the Arkansas Secretary of State.

Today in Fort Smith discovered the link after a tip from a concerned parent. Christopher, the public "owner" of Eureka Live has also been linked as a part of "the Legacy Family" by photographs from the daycare's social media and website.

More information concerning Eureka Live has been provided to Today in Fort Smith, as a Eureka Springs man who says he was the owner of the club claims he was "forced out" of the establishment illegally earlier this year by a former owner in favor of Christopher taking over the club.

TIFS is currently looking into those allegations and doing research on the information provided by that individual.

The therapy clinic once owned by Christopher and the daycare center currently owned by Wanda Eash both have extensive dealings with children. In fact, Christopher has been accused of knowingly hiring a felon at Absolute Pediatric Therapy before he sold that business after his arrest for Medicaid fraud.

Christopher has been legally sanctioned at least once from involvement with children after the ex-wife of his current husband, Kenneth Medlin, sought a change in the custody agreement for her two teenage sons.

The same judge that awarded Christopher over $3 million in a misguided decision in a civil against the whistleblower who reported his suspected Medicaid fraud barred Christopher from contact with the minors and banned Christopher and Medlin from 'talking negatively about the mother's religion or taking the children to 'drag shows or other LGBTQ events'."

In addition, in a Benton County court document filed on November 29, 2018 in the above referenced civil suit, Christopher responded to a number of questions in the defendants "Request for Admission of Facts", one of which referenced a situation at a Catholic church in Little Rock.

In Request for Admission #22, Christopher was asked to admit that "a Catholic church where you had a connection determined you could not work with children at that church".

Christopher denied the allegation with an objection as the request being wholly irrelevant but admitted "that a Catholic church berated me and let me go due to my sexual orientation".

Today in Fort Smith is trying to obtain information from the Diocese of Little Rock and/or the specific church involved in that matter.

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