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Early morning accident Tuesday in rural Conway County proves fatal to Atkins eighteen-year-old

Police officials in Conway County say an early Tuesday morning accident on Highway 95 in a rural part of that county was fatal to an Atkins teen.

A report by the Arkansas State Police says 18-year-old Bruce Wayne Watkins, III died in the crash that happened around 4:00 a.m. near Hickory Loop north of Morrilton...

According to the preliminary State Police report, Watkins was driving a 2020 Dodge northbound when he crossed the center line into the southbound lane. The driver of a southbound Ford vehicle swerved to the east in an effort to avoid the oncoming vehicle and the front passenger side of Watkins’ vehicle impacted the front passenger side of the Ford truck.

Watkins was pronounced dead at the scene. Reports indicate the driver of the other vehicle was not injured in the accident...

Trooper Ryan Gault worked the accident for he ASP and noted clear weather and dry road conditions at6 the time of the 4am crash.

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May 12, 2023

To the driver of the Ford...I should gave you a hug today as well..This was a horrible tragedy..Was so brave of you.. I pray you continue to be brave and in time allow some peace in your mind...

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