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Drug dealer sees charges dismissed only to catch ten years on other charges in his plea deal

Imagine facing so many felonies that when you cut a plea deal on some of them, the local prosecutor's ofice just throws in their hand on four other drug and firearm related charges and delivers a "nolle prossd" on all four charges.

Then imagine still being so far in the felony hole that going to the penitentiary for ten years seems like a good option on a plea deal.

In Sebastian County Circuit Court on Thursday, Christopher Lee Garcia, 35, pled his way into a decade of imposed sentences, drawing ten years concurrent on each B and D felony relating to Possession of Meth and other drug related crimes as well as getting 25 years of suspended imposition of sentence in the process.

Garcia was sentenced as a habitual offender, but felony petition to revoke charges were withdrawn across the board.

The PA's office also dropped proseucution on Possession of Drugs and Firearms Simultaneously, Possession of Firearms by Certain Persons, Possession of a Controlled Syubstance with Intent to Deliver and Possession of Drug Parahernalia for a November 202 arrest that occured AFTER an August 2020 arrest on the charges he was sentenced on Thursday.

That arrest came after a July 2020 arrest for similar crimes....which came after a 2019 arrest for terroristic Threatening and Assault.

It does appear a case has been filed by the county for forfieture of property on Garcia and his wife.

So there's that.

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