• Dennis McCaslin

Drug convictions adds concurrent years to already settled sentence for Fort Smith felon

A Fort Smith man with drug convictions dating back to 2016 in Pulaski County picked up two years in prison this week on a Possession of Methamphetamine With the Purpose to Deliver charge in what is tantamount to another free pass from the local prosecutor's office.

Jose Antonio Chavez, who apparently was already heading to prison on other charges from March, will have this new sentence run concurrently with that conviction.

He was put on an ADC Commitment Hold at that time due to a Parole Violation for absconcing.

He also received eight years of suspended sentences during his plea session on Thursday.

Chavez has been arrested four times in Sebastioan County since December of 2019 for a combination of various crimes and his previous convtions include a 2016 ten-year sentence on drug charges out of Pulaski County and three felony convictions in 2020 on charges involving fentanyl, meth and/or cocaine.

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