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Domestic battery arrest leads to six-year prison term after probation revocation for Fort Smith man

A 24-year-old Fort Smith man whose arrest last week for domestic battery triggered a petition to revoke was sentenced to six years in prison in a court session Thursday in Sebastian County Circuit Court Victor Alexander Sanchez, whose address listed with the court is in the 1600 block of North I Street, was arrested on May 7 for one count of domestic battery in the second degree after attacking a pregnant woman. That attack was the third domestic battery charge against Sanchez since 2021 and he also picked up a failure to appear charge by not showing up in court last September. In the court proceedings on Thursday, Sanchez appeared with an attorney and contested the petition to revoke. Witnesses were sworn in and testimony given and the court found he had violated the terms and condition of a suspended sentence. In addition to the imposed sentence, Sanchez was ordered to have no contact with the victim. He also waved his right to appeal the case. Part of the sentencing for Thursday involved third degree escape and criminal mischief in the first degree charges. Those were the crimes that he was on probation for when he attacked the pregnant woman. Sanchez will remain in custody of the SCADC until he is assigned his prison destination by the ADC.

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