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Delivery of methamphetamine conviction on plea deal costs Fort Smith women 15 years in prison

A 33-year-old Fort Smith woman will spend several years behind bars after a plea deal in Sebastian County Circuit Court on Wednesday on drug charges.

Amanda Sue West (aka Mauphin) took a plea deal Wednesday morning on a felony delivery of methamphetamine charge as well as a failure to appear warrant. West received 15 years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections with an additional 20 years suspended on the charges.

West was also sentence under enhanced guidelines as a habitual offender which added 4 four ears to her sentence. She was also facing a felony petition to revoke but that was withdrawn in lieu of her plea agreement.

The case has been long and drawn out in the local court system, as the arrest occurred on June 7, 2017 according to information from Arkansas Court Connect, West has similar charges pending in Crawford County from a June 2 2021 arrest on snlothrtr mthamphetamine count.

It appears that she had received a suspended in position of sentence on the original 2017 charges and violated the conditions of her probation with the 2021 arrest.

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