• Dennis McCaslin

Convicted drug dealer out of Pope County still on the run after escape from ADC back in 2001

Hugo Campagne

The Arkansas Department of Corrections houses thousands of state prisoners in multiple locations ranging from the Varner Supermax facility to various county jails receiving a day rate for the individuals in their facilities.

Currently, the ADC only lists two prisoners as unaccounted as escapees. One of those is a now 56-year-old who was convicted on drug charges out of Pope County and has been on the run ever since.

According to information from the ADC, then 33-year-old Hugo Campagne was arrested on July 15, 199 by Pope County law enforcement officials for the Manufacturing, Delivery, or Possession of Controlled Substances. Official charges were filed on August 5 and in November he entered into a plea deal in POpe County Circuit Court.

Sentenced to ten years in prison, His initial intake date was November 17 with a parole-eligible date on May 20, 2003. According to records, Campagne was a model prisoner and by 2001 he had earned work release status. Working out of the Texarkana Correction Center on March 3, 2001, Campagne walked away and has never been seen again;

When Campagne escaped, he was 6'2" tall and weighed 245 pounds. His hair was prematurely gray and he has brown eyes. He is known to have ties i and around Cicero, Illinois.

Anyone with information about the current whereabouts of Campagne is asked to call their local authorities or the Arkansas State Police.

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