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Clarksville 44-year-old arrested on warrant for child rape

James Wesley Self

A Clarksville man who was the subject of a 2020 order of protection after police say he slapped a sixty-five year-old woman was back in jail on Sunday after his arrest on a warrant for two counts of Rape, according to information from the Johnson County Detention Center.

James Wesley Self, 44, was taken into custody at 3:47m am Sunday morning and booked on two counts of Rape and one count of Sexual Assault in the Second Degree after authorities say he engaged in sexual intercourse or deviate sexual behavior with a person under the age of fourteen of which he was a guardian.

According to a separate court record, the victim was an 11-year-old female.

Officials listed the date of the crime as January 16 of this year and the warrant was issued on February 24. That same day, an order of protection was filed and granted on behalf of the victim, whose name was redacted from the court records for obvious reasons.

Self remains behind bars pending a bail hearing. He is due in Court on May 13 at 9am.

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