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City releases information about dealing with leaf fall out and hazard prevention as seasons change

Fall is nearly here! With the cooler temperatures on the way our trees will soon begin dropping their leaves.

As we all enjoy the changing colors of the leaves there are hazards associated with it. The question is, what can I do with all these leaves in my yard and how do I dispose of them?

  • You can mulch your leaves and yard waste back into your yard using your lawnmower. This action deposits natural nutrients back into the soil as they decompose and aids in having a fuller and greener lawn next season.

  • You can also request a city-issued 96-gallon yard waste can from the city free of charge. If you would like to request a receptacle, please contact (479)784-2350.

Blowing leaves and yard waste onto public streets is strictly prohibited!

Blowing and or depositing yard waste and leaves into the street creates an extreme hazard for vehicular traffic and is very damaging to our city's drainage system.

  • Leaves and yard waste that are deposited or blown into the street creates a very dangerous and slick surface making it difficult for vehicles to safely stop in an emergency.

  • Bicycles and motorcycles find it extremely hazardous especially on curves when they are covered in leaves and or yard clippings to remain upright.

Please aid us in keeping our city streets and drainage systems clear of yard waste.

Keeping leaves and yard waste off our streets aid in our drainage systems to remain functioning properly. Over time as leaves and yard waste accumulate on our streets they are carried away by the rain and deposited into our storm drains. Thus, creating a potential for blockages and or flooding within our neighborhoods when they become stopped up.

Sec. 25-268. Protection of property.

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to sweep, blow, throw or otherwise deposit or cause to be swept, blown, thrown or otherwise deposited any garbage, leaves, grass or weed clippings, or litter into or on any public street, ditch, culvert, alley, sidewalk, park or the property of another person or property which is in the possession of another person within the corporate limits and police jurisdiction of the city or to permit any garbage or litter to accumulate in such manner that it may be carried and deposited into or on any of the above places by action of the rain, wind, or snow.

  • To report this action if observed please contact Neighborhood Code Enforcement at (479)784-1031 or Click here to email for more information or to report a concern.

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