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Boone County arrests sex offender for fifth time for failing to register

A-56 year-old Level 2 sex offender whose last registred address with the Arkansas Deprtment of Pub;lic Safety Sex Offender Rewgistry sxhowed him to be homeless in Little Rock was arrested last week in Biione County and chaerged with one count of Failing to Comply with the Registration and Reporting Requirements as a Sex Offender.

James Denis Criner was arrested on a white warrant and booked into the Boone County jail on April 22 and remains behind bars as of 6:15 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, according to booking information from the Boone County Sheriff's Office.

Criner was convicted sometime prior to 2013 for Oral Copulation with a Person Under the Age of Eighteen and for a Lewd and Lacivious Act with a Minor.

He has been arrested four time previously for failing to register in both Boone and Newton County and was sentenced to 36 months in the ADC on July 29, 2019 for Financial or Non-Finacial Identity Fraud.

Criner has been set to prison at least twice with a Habitual Offender designation.

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