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Bigfoot story triggers a bevy of tales and experiences from readers

(Editors note: Today in Fort Smith does not intend to get into the Bigfoot/Sasquatch business on a regular basis, but after we published the story last week of a sighting in the Ozark National Forest literally hundreds of readers and people have contacted us to share their experiences. Some of them are obviously people who are trying to troll us this weekend and not credible at all, but the tale told to us is close enough to the location of the sighting from the first story to get our attention. Just call this Part 2 of "Is There Life Out There". And we know...His name is "Darrell".)

A Fort Smith man is accusing a “Bigfoot” of vandalizing his campsite near Campbell Cemetery in the Ozark National Forest in late July.

Chris (last name withheld) claims that during a camping trip he and his wife saw a tall, dark, hairy figure walk past their tent. Chris went on to explain that the creature went began to throw rocks at their tent over a two hour period.

According to Chris, he and his wife found evidence the next morning that this creature had broken trees and branches surrounding their entire campsite.

“The trees were twisted and uprooted, but that’s not the most disturbing part,” he explained.

The couple claims that this “Bigfoot” vandalized their vehicle, ripping off two doors, and busting out their windshield.

“When we reported the incident to law enforcement and they treated it like an ordinary case of vandalism.” “It’s obvious they didn’t believe us, but we know what we saw, so we dropped the report and decided to keep our mouths shut – until we saw the Bigfoot story in Today in Fort Smith. After reading it, we knew we had to come forward,” Chris said.

The Fort Smith man is adamant that there is “something” out there in the Ozark National Forest. And according to Chris that “something” is very dangerous.

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