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Benton County man jailed on warrant for failing to register as a sex offender

A twenty-nine year-old sex offender from Rogers who was arrested and convicted on two counts of Sexual Assault in the Fourth Degree after a 2012 arrest is back in jail after his second violation within two years for Failure to Comply with the Requirements of his Registration status.

Trevor Ray Palmer, whose 2013 conviction involved sexual contact with a victim under the age of sixteen, had a previous arrests in 2019 on the same charge and was arrested last week on a warrant that was issued April 27 of this year.

Palmer, who had done little time on his previous charges, saw his cases reopened after his latest arrest, which also included a Failure to Appear warrant and a Body Attachment in the amount of $14,420 in unpaid child support.

Palmer is due in court to answer to his latest charges on August 10.

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