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Benton County investigators make manslaughter arrest in case where local man was killed in hayfield

Miquel Angel Vera

Benton County officials have arrested a 40-year-old man with a log history of criminal behavior in the Manslaughter death of Lester Salcedo wh0 police say was killed when he was run over by a truck "cutting donuts" in a hayfield near Phillips Cemetery Road near Mill Dam Road.

Police say Miquel Angel Vera was the driver of the truck at the time of the July 23 accident.

Salcedo's body was located in the field after police pinged Vega's missing cellphone, which had been damaged during the incident but was later located at one of the exits of the field.

According to information posted in the investigation narrative, the two men, who were co-workers, were drinking and driving the truck in the hayfield when Salcedo fell from the truck and was ran over by Vega.

The records indicates a ten year=old child was with the two men when the incident occurred.

You can read the entire investigative narrative by clicking this link:

Salcedo investigation
Download PDF • 4.72MB

Interviews with several family members and Vera's girlfriend were conducted and a third party, who was at the scene of the incident when it occurred, provided information to investigators. The third party's name is redacted from the narrative, indicating they may have been a juvenile.

Vega has an extensive criminal history in both Arkansas and Texas, according to information in the report.

Vega is being charged with Manslaughter, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, and Endangering the Welfare of a Minor.

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