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ASP officials identify man with multiple felony warrants who died after fleeing from police in Crittenden County

The Arkansas State Police is conducting an internal review and investigation into the Crittenden County death of a West Memphis man who fled from an Arkansas State Trooper Tuesday, December 20, 2023. Mario Paige, 43, died as a result of injuries he sustained in a wreck near the 284-mile marker of eastbound Interstate 40 following a high-speed pursuit.

Paige, who was the sole occupant of the fleeing vehicle, was driving recklessly and endangering other motorists.

The Trooper had been assisting a drug task force in West Memphis when Paige, who was wanted on multiple felony warrants, fled from law enforcement. The Trooper was preparing to perform a tactical vehicle intervention when the suspect, who was driving 140 mph, took evasive action by suddenly applying his brakes and losing control of his vehicle. The suspect’s vehicle came to rest at the bottom of an embankment beyond the south shoulder.

The incident caused the Trooper to collide with a commercial vehicle, resulting in minor injuries to the Trooper. He was placed on paid administrative leave while ASP’s Criminal Investigation Division investigates the incident.

ASP Col. Mike Hagar reiterated the message he released in November as ASP kicked off a public service campaign to combat fleeing from law enforcement.

“Fleeing from police is a selfish act that puts innocent motorists at risk and has grave consequences,” he said. “ASP Troopers will always put the safety of innocent civilians first. Fleeing from law enforcement is dangerous. And in Arkansas, it’s a felony.”

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