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Another family comes forward with claim of Bigfoot sighting in Ozark National Forest

Following our story earlier in the month concerning the sighting of a Bigfoot-like creature in northeast Crawford County, Today in Fort Smith has had numerous contacts with readers about various similar sightings.

Many of the people who have contacted us are making light of the situation or trying to troll those making the claims. Many are doing so in an attempt to be humorous , and few of them are credible in both the telling and context of the story.

But every now and then….

A Greenwood woman claims she saw Bigfoot while hiking Saturday, August 8 in the Ozark National Forest near Turner Bend.

“Jane” says she spotted the 8-foot tall beast standing at the tree line near the Campbell Cemetery Sign.

“All I kept hearing was a low growl that sounded like a human crossed with a coyote. The sound was frightening,” Jane explained.

“My family was in good spirits as we were out hiking to take advantage of the beautiful weather,” says Jane, “but we finished the day pretty shaken up after the sighting.”

Jane described the creature as having lots of brown hair and looked part human and part bear. 

Jane and her family claim to have spotted the Bigfoot about 30 yards off near the tree line but within seconds the beast disappeared into the forest.

The most frightening part of the encounter, according to Jane, was how quiet the forest became before and during the encounter.

“The forest was so quiet. Unnaturally quiet. There were no signing birds, no movement in the forest. The wind wasn’t blowing and everything was dead quiet. All I could hear was my heartbeat,” says Jane.

Jane and her family told Today in Fort Smith that they will not return to the Ozark National Forest again to hike.

“It’s just too dangerous, " a sincere sounding Jane said. "Something lives out there and it isn’t natural. I never want to see it again.”

If you run into "Darrel" while out in the woods or experience an unusual sighting you would like to share with our readers, you can contact us through the normal channels of Facebook messenger or by giving us a call at 479-461-0126.

If your account is deemed credible we will publish your story.

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