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Another "Dirty Dozen" sex offenders located on the east side of Fort Smith

As we continue to pinpoint hotspots across Fort Smith with a high concentration of sex offenders, a survey on the east side of town has yielded yet another one mile square radius with a dozen men registered with the stage of Arkansas and the Fort Smith Police Department.

The area in question is bordered to the north at North Waldron Road and Kinked, to the west at a point between Windhaven Drive and South 70th Street to the south to a point between Yantis Street and Hardscrabble Way on Cliff Drive and back east to a spot between Hendricks Drive and South 37th Street.

A spot in the 5700 block of Rogers Avenue marks the center of the circle.

The area contains three Level 3 High Risk offenders and nine Level 2 Medium Risk offenders between the ages of 24 and 57 years old. One of them, James Burke Jr., is currently non-compliant with his reporting responsibilities.

Crimes committed among the Taking Indecent Liberties With a Minor (12 year-old female) , Attempt 2nd Degree Rape, Fourth Degree Sexual Assault (14 year-old female) , First Degree Sexual Assault ( 13 year-old female), Sexual Assault ( in Colorado), Third Degree Carnal Abuse (13 year-old female), First Degree Rape (under 11 years of age), Second Degree Sexual Assault (13 year-old female), Second Degree Sexual Abuse, Rape (13 year-old female), and another Second Degree Sexual Assault (13 year-old female).

Today in Fort Smith prints locations of registered sex offenders in the area as an informational tool for our readers.

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